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How to obtain medications for your companion animal

So, how may you obtain medications for your dog or cat?

 3 Easy Options- YOUR preference!

    1. LVS delivery- we deliver medications directly to you.  Our delivery fee at present, for most addresses within our service geography, is $15 - $25.
    2. The LVS My Vet Store Online (MVSO)
    3. Pick up at our land base, 5 Station Ave, Berwyn, WITH ADVANCE NOTICE (no delivery charge)

My Vet Store Online (MVSO): our practice's online pharmacy 

Phone: 1-844-654-6876


 You may also reach MVSO through our link at the top of our website. 

  •  This is our practice’s online pharmacy with both regular and express delivery available directly to your doorstep. 
    • We offer this pharmacy to our clients so they may purchase medications with direct, timely script approval and management, at online prices with online convenience, taking advantage of veterinarian-only manufacturers’ rebate coupons and rewards points, but without the concerns of safety, true source or legitimacy of product.   
  • Unlike other, unaffiliated online pharmacies, medications and prescription food come directly from the manufacturer or our veterinary supplier, Midwest Vet Supply, to you.  You do not have to worry about whether what you receive is counterfeit or diverted/grey market product.
  • Also, unlike with other unaffiliated online pharmacy orders, we are able to approve prescription requests the same day they are submitted.   

For VRS (Veterinarian Recommended Solutions) products, such as VRS Omega Benefits, please order directly through VRS

For compounded medications, such a Gabapentin tiny tabs or chews, transdermal methimazole, ocular medications, etc., please contact our practice for direct shipping and billing to you from the compounding pharmacy, e.g. Stokes, Wedgewood, BCP.

If needed, for medications available through local pharmacies (e.g. CVS, Rite Aid, etc.), we will provide written scripts which may be picked up at our practice (free of charge) or delivered (with delivery fee).

A note about generic medications:

In veterinary medicine, some generic medications are useful and cost-effective.  However, we do receive more recalls and see more product failures with some classes of generic drugs, such as preventive medications (e.g. heartworm/intestinal parasite as well as flea/tick preventives) than with their brand-name counterparts.  For this reason, we recommend brand-name products in this category. 

We hope this information is helpful!

Our goal is to provide your companion animals with safe, efficacious medications and you with affordability, value and convenience.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about obtaining medications for your companion animals.