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Acupuncture and Medical Massage 

Ann Caulfield, VMD, CVA, CCRP provides these services at our office in Berwyn.

Dr. Caulfield spearheaded the physical rehabilitation therapy department at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine.

She has lectured at professional conferences and published academically on physical rehabilitation as well.



Acupuncture can be an excellent adjunctive treatment for pets who suffer from a variety of health concerns, including:

Orthopedic or soft tissue pain, both acute and chronic

Neurologic conditions

Gastrointestinal disorders

Decreased appetite

Supportive therapy for kidney and liver disease, including cancer


Medical Massage

Therapeutic massage is an effective therapy for a wide variety of diseases and disorders such as:

Chronic pain due to osteoarthritis, neurologic diseases and injuries

Post-operative pain


Muscle pain in active, working dogs, canine athletes and geriatric patients

Gastrointestinal disorders



Please call our office to discuss if either or both of these therapeutic modalities might be helpful for your companion animal.